Introducing: Our Upgraded YoBa On Demand Subscription!

Introducing: Our Upgraded YoBa On Demand Subscription!

  • Hannah Beckner
  • October 10, 2020

Back in March, when the pandemic hit, we were pushed to quickly find a way to continue serving you even if we couldn't see you all in person. While we have always had a vision for an online, on demand offering, we never expected to dive in as soon as we did. But sometimes great things happen when you least expect them to! Life handed us lemons so we made some lemonade. We dove into recording virtual classes and our vision of YoBa On Demand started to grow. We have spent the last six months learning, evolving, and keeping our sights set on the future in every aspect, YoBa On Demand included. 

We made the decision to upgrade our YoBa On Demand platform in order for it to continue to grow and to serve as another outlet for our YoBa family to connect with their heart, body, and soul. Our intention with upgrading the YoBa On Demand experience is to ensure convenience, accessibility, and organization. On our new platform, all classes are now categorized by type and can be easily streamed on any device. 


I'm currently a YoBa On Demand subscriber. How can I continue my subscription? 

Unfortunately there is not an automatic way to transfer you to our new platform. You will need to manually cancel your existing subscription and subscribe on our new platform. Send us an email or DM and we would be happy to help get you set up as quick and easy as possible! 


Do Unlimited Members get a subscription included in their membership? 

A subscription  to YoBa On Demand is not included in an unlimited membership. Our unlimited members get full access to in-person and livestream class options, as well as other membership perks such as discounts and a member library. The member library is a selection of previously recorded classes that is only updated on occasion.  

If you want to supplement your in-person classes with new, weekly class videos you can always subscribe to YoBa On Demand on top of your membership!

YoBa On Demand may have been brought to life during a transitional time, but it is here to stay! Ready to try it out? Sign up for your 3-day free trial at https://yobaondemand.vhx.tv/!