Signature 60

Signature 60

Non Heated

Signature is our beat driven, functionally inspired cardio class. 

Through repetitive movement patterns paired with our favorite festival music, you’ll leave this class feeling lighter and more connected to your mind & body. 

If you love a great concert, crave the push, and like to sweat, you’d love this class! 

You can practice this class: In Studio or Virtually

Class Length: 60 Minutes 

What you'll need In Studio: Mat, Sneakers, Water

What you'll need In Virtually:

  • dumbbell hand weights light set (2-3lbs)
  • dumbbell hand weights heavy set (5 lbs)
  • wrist + ankle weights (1-3lbs)
  • resistance mini band
  • resistance long band
  • small exercise balls
  • sliders
  • blocks