Join Our Team


We are rapidly growing (with the recent announcement of our 2nd studio location 🙌) and are looking to add new members to both our Instructor team AND our Front Desk Ambassador program!


We are a PASSIONATE group of people who love to find JOY in movement and are excited to lead clients through different types of classes.

Aside from that, the center of our team can be found through these 4 core values: 

Practice Our Practice: We believe in our movement & commit to being students as often as we are teachers.
Take Care: We serve the community with sustainable movement & celebrate the freedom to choose what movement fuels your body & heart each day.
Respect Bodies: We treat all bodies with kindness & compassion.
Be Human: We share openly from the heart & hold space for others to feel their entire range of emotions.


Whether you are a Movement Instructor or a Front Desk Ambassador, we're looking for you if you are:

A Strong Communicator: You enjoy engaging and connecting with clients both in studio and virtually. You're curious about their stories and what's brought each of them into YoBa. You desire to go deeper than just the surface level.
Open Minded: You enjoying moving your body in multiple different ways and are excited to share the YoBa Modalities and Methods with our clients and community. It's important to know that the studio is run as a supportive and in the moment coaching atmosphere. Being able to hear feedback and use it as a driving factor towards your teaching growth with keep propelling you forward at YoBa.
Flexible (and we don't mean physically!): You have a willingness to change, adapt and grow in an ever evolving and changing small business!


Movement Instructor:

If you're interested in learning about being a movement instructor here at YoBa we want to hear from you!

Visit our Instructor Interest page and fill out our quick and easy interest form.

This includes interest in teaching Flow classes plus Barre, Signature, Flow w/ Weights & YoBa!

Yoga Teaching Certification:
If you have not yet received your Yoga Teacher Training certification but are still curious about instructing yoga specifically, please apply for our Teacher Training program.

Front Desk Exchange: 

Submit your application for our Front Desk Exchange and find our more about the program right here!