The YoBa Bus

On Demand Subscription

The YoBa Bus is our mobile movement studio! We wanted to bring the full YoBa Studio experience anywhere and everywhere, which is why we renovated a 38ft RV to bring our studio lobby experience & pop-up classes all across the United States. When you attend class at The YoBa Bus, you can expect a warm and inviting check-in and retail experience inside the bus and a joyful, heart-filled movement experience outside of the bus. Be sure to check in on our events calendar below to see where The YoBa Bus is headed next. 

Ready to sign up for a class at The YoBa Bus?! Head over to Mindbody to snag a spot. Unlimited memberships & class packs will apply to all of The YoBa Bus classes that take place at The Lot! There will be a pop-up fee for classes that are at another location.