In These Uncertain Times: Building a Community

In These Uncertain Times: Building a Community

  • Dan Rood
  • January 01, 2021

This week we have asked long time client and family member Dan Rood to share his heart on YoBa studio. See below:

If I hear one more commercial advertisement use the term “in these uncertain times” I might stab myself in the eye. These times are not uncertain. Quite the opposite. They are certain in stress. Certain in transition to new working, school, and living environments. Certain in managing fear. 

I’m a corporate executive in software. A corporate hack if you will. Like every great 2020 story I lost my job and found but found a  job in the span of a few months in 2020. New opportunity. New stress to pile on top of everything I’ve already mentioned. As a people leader you find yourself managing not only your own new realities but those of the people you are charged to care for. It’s a lot for them because each person has a story similar to your own. 

I found yoga two years ago. I gotta be honest I was skeptical when my beautiful wife started practicing and then finally teaching at Yoba studios. My skepticism was based in ignorance. I thought yoga was monolithic. A slow moving, get in touch with your feelings, EASY exercise meant more for the mind than the body. I saw little benefit for my own life… and like so many other times in my life I was very very wrong. 

When I finally walked into YoBa studios it was largely out of support for my wife’s new teaching career. I wanted to be supportive. But when I finished my first practice I was intoxicated. I’d never experienced a window of time dedicated so fully to my mind and spirit while at the same time driving my body physically in ways I’d never experienced. 

In addition, I found what should have been obvious. A community. A community of people who also found what I had found. A staff of employees who exude love and care for the people they serve. But perhaps most importantly “in these uncertain times” I found an hour a day to focus on calming my mind using my body as a tool to decompress and lighten my spirit. To be okay taking time for me so that I can take better care of others.

You could not do worse for your heart to find a place like this in your own life if you are someone like me. I cannot describe the gratitude I have for my wife who discovered this environment and introduced me to such a peaceful and stabilizing force in these most certain of times.