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We are rapidly growing (with the recent announcement of our 2nd studio location 🙌) and are looking to add new members to both our Instructor Team AND our Front Desk Program!

Hannah Nevitt Hannah Nevitt

Hannah Nevitt

General Manager

Nicola Ferraro Nicola Ferraro

Nicola Ferraro

Studio Manager

Nikki Richardson Nikki Richardson

Nikki Richardson

Director of Teachers

Devin Coomer Devin Coomer

Devin Coomer


Erin Rood Erin Rood

Erin Rood


Jennifer Parks Jennifer Parks

Jennifer Parks


Kalie Ghiloni Kalie Ghiloni

Kalie Ghiloni


Katie Mullins Katie Mullins

Katie Mullins


Olympia Wojcik Olympia Wojcik

Olympia Wojcik


Jetta McGlone Jetta McGlone

Jetta McGlone

Front Desk

Carrie Leggins Carrie Leggins

Carrie Leggins

Front Desk

Madison Harper Madison Harper

Madison Harper

Front Desk

Sarita Chavious Sarita Chavious

Sarita Chavious

Front Desk

Breonna Godette Breonna Godette

Breonna Godette

Front Desk

Lindsay Phipps Lindsay Phipps

Lindsay Phipps

Front Desk

Allie Griffis Allie Griffis

Allie Griffis

Front Desk + Marketing